Published on August 13 2016

Recently there have been a lot of news reports about so called Snapchat Hacks. In these hacks millions of accounts have been hacked and their information leaked online. However, what the media often does not report on is how these hacks could happen. After all, Snapchat is a billion dollar company that should have amazing security. One of the tools that I found when doing my research about Snapchat Hacks was this one:



While I was doing my research I was dumbfounded to find so many Snapchat Hack Tools on the internet. They go by different names, sometimes called a Snapchat Spy, Snapspy, Snapchat Spy Tool or simply a Snapchat hacker. However, their functionalities are all the same. You enter a username and the hack tool will reveal all the images and videos that had been sent or received from that particular account. When I tried it out for myself I was astonished that it actually worked and showed me all the snaps that I had sent and received for years. One one side it was quite funny to relive all my old memories, but on the other hand it was quite worrisome to see how easy it is to hack any Snapchat account simply by entering their username.


For Snapchat as a business these Snapchat Hackers are very dangerous. After all, Snapchat thrives on the premise that images and videos are gone forever after being viewed once except if you place them on your Snapchat story, in which case they are visible for 24 hours. If this core function of Snapchat is undermined by tools such a Snapchat spies then I can see this harming Snapchat in a big way due to the fact that it undermines their core principle.


Once I did some more reading I found out that these Snapchat hacks only work due to Snapchat's recent update which allows people to replay Snaps they have received. When Snapchat released this update they did not destroy images anymore after they were received but rather stored them on their server. While the replay function might help Snapchat's revenue flow it enabled these Snapchat Hack Tools to thrive. If they do not want to succumb to the danger these Snapspy tools pose they should consider removing the replay funtion and going back to their basics.

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